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Dexlife Partner list

Partner list


Steno Diabetes Center, Denmark

Steno Diabetes Center will lead and coordinate the DEXLIFE project


Centre for preventive Medicine, Dublin City University, Ireland

The University is responsible for the lifestyle interventions to identify novel biomarkers


Voluntary Health Insurance Board, Ireland

VHI will manage a large population group of members previously examined for diabetes


Fundacio privada institut de recerca biomedica IRB, Spain

The institute will perform cell and tissue analysis for novel biomarkers


Fundació Institut d’Investigació Biomèdica de Bellvitge, Spain

The institute will perform cell and tissue analysis for epigenetics studies


University of Eastern Finland

The university will identify new type 2 diabetes cases from a long-term study in a Finnish population group previously examined for diabetes


Metabolon, US

The institute will perform metabolomics analysis for identifying and validating biomarkers


University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

The university will re-study participants from an ongoing large European research study who have been previously examined for diabetes


Pintail Ltd, Ireland

The company will be responsible for administration of the project together with Steno Diabetes Center